Vedanta Institute London is a registered charity in England and Wales. Established nearly fifteen years ago, the Institute works towards social upliftment by providing education on the fundamental principles of life and living.

The public lectures, introductory talks and weekly classes are free to attend and open to all. The Institute requests your donation to meet the on going costs of the charity, to organise events and help create further awareness in the UK.

We invite companies and small businesses to sponsor our events by placing an ad in the souvenir brochure. We also provide advertising space at the lecture venues, on our printed leaflets, evites and posters.   

Donations from individual UK taxpayers are eligible for gift aid.

Our souvenir brochure was presented to attendees at Swamiji's talk at Cadogan Hall, London, on June 8th. Contact us if you would like to sponsor future events.

Click here to download our Souvenir Appeal Brochure


We look forward to your support. Thank you.


Registered Charity No. 1102168
Unit 8, Genesis Business Park
Rainsford Road, NW10 7RG