A. Parthasarathy (Swamiji) is a remarkable 91 year old philosopher acclaimed as the greatest living exponent of Vedanta. Through his life of service and sacrifice over six decades, he has been a beacon light of wisdom inspiring people the world over to achieve success and stress free living. At 26 having earned three college degrees and a post-graduation in Law from London University, he renounced a life of his Rolls Royce and a lucrative family business.

In 1988 Swamiji founded the Vedanta Academy in India which serves as a world resource for the Vedanta philosophy. The Academy offers 3-year residential courses for the youth, retreats for individuals and companies and an opportunity for visitors to stay and learn anytime during the year.  

His teachings have been featured in:

  • Time Magazine, The Sunday Times, CNBC, CNN and Forbes

  • 101 Great Indians who have made India proud in the last century

  • World Economic Forum, European Business Council, World Bank

  • Harvard University, NASA, Johnson & Johnson, Ernst & Young, Google

Swamiji has been working tirelessly throughout the year for the last 60 years. He maintains a daily schedule of yoga and jogging and is an accomplished cricketer who now plays for his Academy cricket team.