A. Parthasarathy or Swamiji as he is affectionately known, is an embodiment of practical wisdom. He has dedicated his life to service and sacrifice, pioneering the application of the ancient knowledge of Vedanta to the modern generation. Swamiji has earned best-selling status for three of his eleven books.

For over fifty years he has been travelling all over the world including England to disseminate the knowledge of Vedanta.  He has addressed the World Economic Forum, World Bank, NASA and has been a keynote speaker at the Aspen Ideas Festival and Festival of Thinkers. Swamiji is among the highest rated resources of the Young Presidents’ Organisation / World Presidents’ Organisation.  And has been featured in The Sunday Times, CNBC Europe, Forbes, TIME, CNN, Wisden Almanack and Sky Sports. In 1988, he founded the Vedanta Academy in Malavli, India wherein he imparts Vedanta to young students from India and abroad through full-time residential courses.

In a life of selfless service over five decades, Swamiji's exceptional contribution has been the translation of subtle philosophical themes into practical techniques of living. An exercise that has reduced stress and increased productivity among human beings. His personality and lifetime effort has been profiled in books prescribed for students in India:

101 Great Indians who have made India proud in the last century.

101 Great Indian Saints (portrayed on the front cover)

101 Great Indian Authors and Poets

The Mind of the Guru, forwarded by the Dalai Lama, as one of the preeminent philosophers of our times.