Life Management

Introductory Course in Central London


Manage yourself. Manage life. Manage stress.

Self management is essential to productive and successful life management. Without understanding this, one is overwhelmed by their challenges in life. They face worry and anxiety, distress and depression.

This introductory course is designed for beginners to gain an insight into the fundamental principles of living. To help them relate better to their family, work and society. Find calmness, clarity and confidence in their lives.


Life Management Course

Duration: 4 weeks in March 2019

Dates: 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th (Wednesdays)

Time: 7 pm - 8.15 pm

Location: Conway Hall

25 Red Lion Square

London WC1R 4RL

(4 min walk from Holborn tube station)


Lift Yourself by Yourself

Inspirational Parenting

Love and Relationships

Pursuit of Happiness

Suggested Donation

Donations for the course will be made to Vedanta Institute London, a registered charity.

4-week course: £60.00

Each talk: £20.00

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(To attend all 4 sessions will cost £60 and to attend individual sessions will cost £20 each.)