'Intense Work is Rest'

The above quote defines the principles of Vedanta. The ancient philosophy of Vedanta encourages you to engage in action so you look forward to Monday mornings instead of Friday nights.

Vedanta is derived from two words Veda – Knowledge and Anta – End.  Vedanta means the end of knowledge. This ancient philosophy presents the eternal principles of life and living. It programmes a life of mental peace combined with dynamic action in the world. Equips one with clarity of intellect to deal with the challenges of life.  Above all its philosophy leads one to the ultimate goal of Self-Realisation.


Weekly Classes

Weekly classes are conducted by graduates of the Vedanta Academy. The classes are conducted in English and are open to all. Any prior knowledge on Vedanta is not necessary. 


The pre-eminent philosopher Swami Parthasarathy, popularly known as 'Swamiji', is widely acclaimed as the greatest living exponent of Vedanta, the ancient philosophy of life and living. 


The three-year online study program on Vedanta Philosophy comprises more than 390 video lectures by Swami Parthasarathy in the three-year course at the Vedanta Academy.


Swami Parthasarathy has written ten books presenting the timeless Vedanta philosophy of life in contemporary thought and language. Three of the books are bestsellers.