Business and Relationships

Thursday 8th June


A world-renowned speaker and author of ten books, Swami Parthasarathy (or Swamiji as he is affectionately called) is acclaimed by TIME, Aspen Ideas Festival and Young Presidents’ Organisation as one of the greatest thinkers of the modern generation.

Having earned three college degrees and post-graduation in Law from London University, at the age of 26 Swamiji renounced the life of his lucrative family business and Rolls Royce and dedicated himself to the study, research and propagation of Vedanta, the ancient philosophy of the Himalayas.

This thought-provoking talk provides a framework for achieving clarity, mental peace and success in your business and family life.

We were privileged indeed to hear Swamiji speak on the very day he turned 90.

Click here to watch the event recording.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter V

Monday 12th June - Thursday 15th June 2017


The Bhagavad Gita is an ancient philosophical text, which expounds the eternal principles of life and living. The principles enable one to achieve success and peace in all aspects of life – official, social and domestic. Above all they usher one towards the ultimate perfection, the goal of spiritual Enlightenment. 



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